Cooleeze Cooling Sheet

Cool down with Cooleeze!

Cooleeze Gel Sheets are the perfect way to cool down, anytime, anywhere! The naturally evaporative cooling relief lasts up to 10 hours and the sheets can be applied directly to your skin. Cooleeze Gel Sheets work immediately after opening the wrapper, providing refreshing relief for:

  • Whenever you’re hot
  • Hot nights when you can’t sleep
  • Cooling down after sport
  • Headaches
  • High temperatures
  • Toothache

Instant Evaporative Cooling

Instant Evaporative CoolingProvides instant cooling relief anytime, anywhere for headaches, migraines, toothaches and much more!

10 Hours of cooling relief

Cool everyday, woman sleeping Refreshing evaporation that cools the skin for up to 10 hours. Ideal for restless hot nights


Cool Everyday, natural Non-medicinal and safe to use with other medication